Hey guys, this is the fantastic Fabric Tumblr Theme,
designed and developed by Maxlabs©. Wanna drop me a mail? Go here.

Version 1.3 released.


Version 1.2 out


V 1.1 is here.

Yeah, Version 1.1 is here. Not much changed, I just fixed bugs in IE. If you still have some bugs just drop me a mail or send feedback.


I also added Tips, more tips are coming soon.

V 1.0 is available!

The first version of this theme is now available for you to use! You can find it here: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/12890

It would be great if you could leave feedback, bugs or ideas there (or mail me those to “maximilian_h [at] live [dot] com”).

What will be there in the future?

Ahh, yeah. And this is the guy who created this theme: Max! Here you’ll find a article about the theme, how everything begun and so on. You should have a look at it!